Abbie Rymer

I joined the Army in 2012 at 19 years old after a short career in recruitment.

After passing basic training and initial trade training I was posted to 22 Field Hospital in Aldershot, where I deployed on several exercises and worked toward becoming a Class 1 Medic. I promoted to Lance Corporal in 2014 and shortly afterwards qualified as a Class One Medic.

As a newly qualified medic and Junior Non-Commissioned Officer I was posted to Wiltshire in support of 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery. It was a baptism by fire as I deployed straight to Canada to spend a month exercising on the prairie, responsible for the medical care of a Battery of around 60 soldiers. In 2016 I was lucky enough to spend three weeks in Nepal trekking in the Himalayas and shortly after my return I deployed on my first Operational Tour. I was part of the first group of UK Troops to deploy supporting the UN Mission in South Sudan.

I promoted to Corporal in 2017 whilst pregnant with my daughter, Florence and return from a period of 9 months maternity leave to The Royal Tank Regiment. Whilst with The Royal Tank Regiment I deployed on range packages, exercises and also spent 7 weeks in Oman working as part of the Pre-Hospital Treatment Team supporting the entire Battlegroup. Whilst with the RTR I started volunteering as a mentor for the Girl Guides and took part in events coaching them through their ‘Lead Skills Builder’ Badge.

I am now part of 4 Armoured Medical Regiment, Clinical Training Department and I feel as though I have found my niche in the training and development of others. I have used this opportunity to further my own education, completing an Access to Higher Education Diploma and enrolling on a BSc.

Single mum to Florence, age 3, in my very limited spare time I act as Reverse Mentor to Commander Field Army, representing the Army Service Womens Network. I am a keen power lifter and enjoy competing when I get a chance.