As a child who grew up in care an opportunity to trek through the jungle of Borneo at 16 was the catalyst that changed my outlook on the world. This once in a lifetime experience provided by the Journey of a Lifetime Trust founded a self-belief that change was achievable if you persevere. The JOLT family was something that I admired; the organisations ability to give underrepresented and disadvantaged children an inspirational and motivating starting point was amazing.

In an attempt to find a way to create similar change I discovered Amnesty International. Founding a group in college I began to give talks and assemblies on the ethos behind Amnesty’s work and the difference that taking a stand can make. Becoming a Youth Advisory Group member at Amnesty’s headquarters in London helped me realise my voice.

I pursued education deciding to study clinical linguistics as a BA course because of the importance communication represented to me. My further MA in International Development allowed me to refocus my attention on representation and EU legislation, specifically on domestic violence in Latvia, a country heavily torn between an Eastern past and a Western future. Undertaking an unpaid work placement with Transparency International and MARTA, the only domestic violence NGO in Latvia, led me to the staggering corruption and gender violence within the country.

Working at Nottingham County Council I spoke at educational training days for social workers and explained my story and how best to support children in care. My time during their local elections allowed me to see legislative powers of in action. I also became an inspirational speaker for groups of children in care, highlighting my education and how it can change lives.

I left University as second highest in my class and with an honorary 1st. Inspired for change and motivated I secured a job with Children on the Edge; working with vulnerable and forgotten children on the edges of society that aim to bring hope through providing the stability of education. As a Fundraising and Communications office I get to tie all of my previous experience in charity, communication, and inspiration to my fundraisers; showing them that the smallest change can make the biggest differences.