Aisha Lewis

My name is Aisha, don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it – it’s all love. What a pleasure to be nominated and share my story with you.

I am an innovative transformer with experience of solving complex issues and constantly challenging the status quo.  My award winning delivery across a variety of portfolios include; culture transformation, branch & IT transformation, 3rd party management, digital and regulatory change. My role as Senior Programme Manager is currently focussed on delivering Nationwide Building Societies largest, most successful and sustainable culture and behaviour change across the organisation. I am so passionate about this programme as it truly drives innovation, inclusivity, mentorship, continuous improvement, tackles diversity challenges and requires leadership to show humility.  My success is powered by the hardworking, dedicated and fun team that I lead.

Family is everything for me. My mum, dad, brother, my partner and IZZY <3;my French bulldog. We are a close family and spend a lot of time together – we get on well and love to adventure. My success to date, wouldn’t have been possible without their support, understanding and cheerleading. We have been through a lot, what family hasn’t, but I am so proud and inspired by my mother who has beat and continues to beat cancer for c.6 years now!

I am ‘homegrown’ as I never went to uni. I have taught myself a lot;  always asking question – seeking to understand more, reading/researching, additional courses etc. but most impactful are those that have shaped and supported me and thus I am grateful for all the people that have contributed to my success and led me to be worthy of this nomination. Their mentorship, guidance, advice, fun, challenge, opportunities etc has been priceless! To name a few; Alison Grewal, Jon Roberts, Andrew Neil, Jess Blundy, Jules Collins, Lesley Kragt, Faye Whitmarsh, Sechaba Ntsiu, Vikki Williams, Jeanette Hibbs, Andrea Hunt + many more.

I am passionate about giving back and sharing knowledge so I mentor a number of people internally and externally to the organisation, I am part of organisations that look to share knowledge and connect people for the greater good; Women Ahead, Black Young professional and you will often find me participating in a number of charity events to raise awareness and funds to great causes; McMillian, Brighter Futures and shelter! It doesn’t stop there, as I look to build a not for profit business to help guide our next generation in their career.