Amaka Uche

Amaka is a Graduate Recruitment Talent Manager at global payments technology firm, Visa.

She is also co-chair of the Visa BAME & Allies employee resource group which celebrates cultural diversity in our European firm. Through this role, we hold regular events to support Visa staff to be empowered through cultural awareness and support our local community.

Amaka is extremely passionate about careers, personal development and helping millennials and gen-z realise their full potential. In the last 10 years, Amaka has worked in various student recruitment roles and functions where she has always had a passion to give career advice and help people get the jobs they desire. This passion was enhanced in 2016 when Amaka began to write for independent career blogs giving insights, advice, hints and tips on navigating an over saturated job market.

To date, Amaka uses her free time to create social media content to inspire and motivate people with all things related to careers and recruitment. Amaka also mentors others, delivers employability workshops and has been invited to speak at various in person and virtual personal development events.