During five years working as a Transport Planner, I developed an interest in social research and how planning decisions impact on society. I learnt how to best collect, manage and analyse data and honed skills to share findings appropriately. Next I worked for a London local authority where I was responsible for a public-facing data website, managing the borough’s Community Safety Partnership and research projects in the borough. I’ve now been at Transport for London for two years, and it’s great to work for such a wide-ranging organisation and with our policing partners to make the city even better. I now manage data analysis to support crime and disorder priorities in London. Amongst other things, we use data to task Police and TfL officers to get to the right places out ‘on the street’.

Outside of work, I love travelling and I find exploring a new place results in either an amazing experience and/or an excellent story for the pub! Last year I took a six week road trip up through Scandinavia, the Baltics and the Balkans – ending in Athens (where a sixteen year-old right hand drive Peugeot 106 now rests in a Greek scrapyard). I’ve been fortunate enough recently to have been able to renovate a property, where I developed a whole new building vocabulary and enjoyed subverting gender stereotypes in DIY stores.