Anna Armani

Anna has started her career in the Energy team at Credit Suisse Investment Banking Division, where she was involved in a number of M&A transactions across the entire energy sector: from conventional oil & gas to nuclear to renewable energy.

She spent a big part of her time working on the transaction that is transformational to the UK energy sector: Hinkley Point C nuclear plant. Anna was part of the team advising EDF on a £26bn tariff negotiation and financing options for Hinkley Point C project. Whilst at Credit Suisse, Anna was also taking an active role in charitable activities supporting Parkinson’s UK and was actively involved in young talent recruitment.

After developing a particular interest in oil & gas, Anna left Credit Suisse to join an Anglo-Turkish oil & gas company Genel Energy. Being in the oil & gas sector only for 4 years, Anna has shown commercial grip and industry passion, which helped her move quickly through the ranks to a position of Commercial Principal at Genel Energy.
From day one at Genel, Anna has been involved in negotiations with the government in Kurdistan Region of Iraq on numerous developments and deals. Notably, Anna was part of a special delegation from Genel to Kurdistan for a series of special meetings with the Minister of Natural Resources to negotiate and agree commercial terms for a gas development in the region.

Having a degree in Economics from UCL, Anna feels a constant need to improve her knowledge about the energy sector and is therefore taking an active role in learning about geology, petroleum engineering and renewables by taking extracurricular courses, such as Reserves and Resources seminars by RPS Group and Business Forums by Geological Society in London. Anna is also a member of Society of Decision Professionals. Anna has successfully completed and received a passing grade in “Energy Within Environmental Constraints” course offered by HarvardX, an online learning initiative of Harvard University.

Anna is also promoting the industry outside the workplace: recently, she participated in City Against Hunger mud run under the Genel flag. As part of the team, she ran a 5km obstacle course and raised funds for The Hunger Project, which is committed to eradicating hunger.

Charity has been a big part of Anna’s life: she successfully organised two charity art auctions in the UK and in Russia, raising £22,000 and £60,000 respectively, the funds from which went to HART UK and Radost charity fund in Russia.

Outside work and charity, Anna is a keen sportswoman: she has been playing competitive tennis from the age of 6, was a 1st Team tennis captain for two consecutive years at UCL and is now a member of the Queen’s Club in London.