Anya White

I joined r10 as a Marketing intern, with little prior knowledge but an interest to learn and develop.

Working with the wider r10 team, I gained understanding and knowledge from those around me, while always looking for opportunities to help and learn. Over the first few months, I taught myself many new skills and programmes and took courses to increase and develop my knowledge in the marketing space. I was able to offer ideas and helped develop the marketing capabilities and deliverables, allowing us to become a defined service that we could offer to clients. I have designed and implemented new processes to allow the marketing department to produce expert and informative material and content on an ongoing basis.

Through 2020 I scoped, planned, led and delivered a full company-wide rebrand to clearly define the r10 vision and create a brand for the future. This included a new website that experienced a 200% increase in engagement. I delivered a simple yet effective solution, designed to simplify our message while also providing processes and documentation that supported the knowledge and expertise of our team.

I’m keen to learn and develop my London Market knowledge and in the last four months I’ve completed several exams from the Chartered Insurance Institute, Netcall’s Low-code training programme, and Business Analysis training. These have allowed me to define my own career development plan. Through speaking with colleagues, and doing my own research, I have identified Business Analysis as my next challenge, and am actively working to develop my key skills and understanding to transition into this role, as it’s a shift from my current responsibilities.