During  working hours I am a Business Manager for RBS, proactively driving improvements to simplify our business and enhance our customers experience. But  in work I am a commissioned Flying Officer in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Training Branch. I help to train, teach and prepare young people to be better citizens and develop an array of skills to further develop their future careers. This training twice a week and some weekends, involves  a wide range of activities including shooting, flying/ gliding, archery, kayaking, first aid and radio communications just to name a few. All of which I need to be proficient in myself in order to train others. I am a fully trained Fieldcraft Instructor and work with the RAF to teach these survival skills used in the field. My aim is to support young people to foster the spirit of adventure and provide them with the life skills they need to be successful in whatever ambitions they may have, whether that be a civilian or military.
During my career in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets I have completed 4 flying scholarships towards my pilots license, Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, won best Sports cadet in the country (47,000 people) and participated in an International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) spending 3 weeks in Ghana, and then hosting over 20 countries the following year in the UK.
Last year I successfully graduated at Military Acadamy Sandhurst with a degree in Leadership and Management through CVQO. I completed my degree in my spare time alongside my full time career, whilst playing for a football team and completing my volunteer work, which I am extremely proud of. I am currently now completing my Masters whilst also having recently started my Chartered Banking qualification to further support my finance career.
After a shoulder injury ruled out joining the RAF as a pilot I started RBS in 2013 as  a telephone/webchat advisor in Fraud and Chargebacks. I was then promoted after 9 months to a Customer Experience Manager and then to a Senior Customer Experience Manger after another 8 months. After completing the RBS Talent Programme in 2016, I recently started a new role this year as a Business Manager in Large Corporate and Sectors UK and Western Europe- which I love.
Being from a small Island in Essex called Canvey, I never thought it would be possible to achieve the things I have. I ow a large proportion of it to the Royal Air Force which just proves what you put into life you get out.   I believe my experiences in the above are very transferrable in the work place, which at the age of 22 has lead me to my successful career so far, which I hope continues within the financial sector.