Emily Olivia

Emily Olivia | Year 1 Student

Emily Olivia

Emily is a 6 years old girl (Y1 student) dedicated to inspiring and empowering children to learn STEM.

She is on a mission to inspire and empower the next generation of changemakers. Emily’s passion for STEM education is evident in the way she engages with young children, particularly girls, and fosters their curiosity and interest in the field through her YouTube channel (@STEMPlayground), Instagram (@thisisemilyolivia), TikTok (@stemplayground) focusing on creating and sharing free educational content for primary aged kids and reaching hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis. Her work directly contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all as well as achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. Emily always ensures her instructions for STEM projects are clear and easy to follow even by the youngest online audience by breaking down complex concepts and making them accessible, engaging, and interactive to children of all ages and backgrounds. Her proactive and positive approach to promoting STEM education in the UK community encourages children to explore STEM subjects. Emily has been actively working towards closing the gender gap in STEM, and her continuous efforts and dedication have made her a tireless advocate for STEM education, and her contributions have made a significant difference in the lives of children. Her commitment to empowering the next generation of STEM leaders has helped to create a more inclusive and diverse STEM community.

Jodie Evans

Jodie Evans | Defence Digital, External Communications Lead | Ministry of Defence

Jodie Evans

Jodie joined the Ministry of Defence in Feb 2014 as a Commercial Officer supporting procurement of 2 complex CAT A £1.5BN Information Service Procurements before moving to be part of the largest Commercial Team in ISS.

This team was responsible for procuring all Technical Support across the ISS and MOD multi-billion-pound portfolio of Information System programmes enabling Defence Information Systems to be a force multiplier. Progressing through several promotions, Jodie became a key member of the Defence Digital commercial team responsible for the delivery of a £400M competitive negotiated procurement for Future Operating Service Management. This contract is the cornerstone of the Service Management for the corporate Defence Digital Services.

Following her very successful time in the Defence Digital Commercial team Jodie has moved role and is now the External Communications Lead at Defence Digital.  Exploiting her exceptional stakeholder management, relationship building, engagement and communication skills she is now responsible for effective communication, promotion, marketing, engagement, and involvement of Defence Digital across the organisation, within MOD and across the entire Defence sector.  She is already making a difference and raising the profile of the organisation across the sector.

Jodie is passionate about creating a diverse workforce and supporting the organisation in improving its diversity and inclusion position. She saw that there was a gap in what was being done and had the idea to set up a network to try and fill that gap. Jodie took the initiative and was responsible for setting the vision and strategic programme and was pivotal in the establishment of the Defence Women’s Network in 2020. As the network lead, Jodie has built the reputation of the network across the defence and security enterprise through effective relationships and positive action heavily weighted towards gender equality and leadership and has encouraged both female and male allies to collaborate and promote the networks core objectives whilst leading on prestigious events and initiatives. Jodie has also become an influencer across the sector supporting the D&I theme and is a coach/mentor to many female leaders. All of this Jodie has managed alongside her full-time defence role, as well as being a busy mum.

Annika Ramos

Annika Ramos | Data Analyst | Age UK

Annika Ramos


I started my career as a Technology, Data and Analytics Associate at PwC, where I developed a passion for data, strong analytical skills, and gained a deep understanding of both non-profit and private sectors.

While at PwC, I volunteered as a Colourbrave champion, an internal network supporting ethnic minority staff and raising awareness of race, culture, and ethnicity. I worked cross-departmentally to determine interventions, support delivery, and review progress.

In my current role as a Data Analyst at Age UK, I have made significant improvements to the organisation's data strategy, systems and processes. By providing better insights and more informed decision-making, I have helped the charity to have a greater impact on older people whilst improving the services we provide. Internally, I have also trained to be a Mental Health First Aider, ensuring that I am equipped with the skills and knowledge to support others both at work and outside of work.

Beyond my professional work, I am also dedicated to community service and have a strong commitment to making a positive impact on the world. I served as a Trustee for SCC, which provided small, not-for-profit, organisations and charities with support and advice. I also volunteer for local community projects in East London where I leverage my skills and experience in technology, risk, and governance towards helping community organisations achieve their goals and make a real difference in the lives of those they serve.

Ashlee Williams

Ashlee Williams | S&P Global

Ashlee Williams

In a career spanning nineteen years, Ashlee is an accomplished data transformation leader for the shipping sector.

Ashlee has extensive workflow automation, data management, and digital transformation expertise, including the strategic review and integration of world-class data assets globally through M&A oversight.

Ashlee is a recognized expert and advisor to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and other international bodies and non-governmental organizations, such as the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), on projects that support the development and/or amendment of regulations and policies related to safety and security in shipping and the facilitation of global trade.

Ashlee is a leading figure for our Women in Maritime, including actively promoting diversity, equity & inclusion with S&P Global’s “Women’s Initiative for Networking & Success”. In 2020, IHS Markit (now S&P Global) were recognized for efforts to address gender fairness, equality, and inclusion within the maritime sector by being listed as a Maritime UK Charter company. She has also partnered with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA International) on a collaborative survey to obtain baseline data on the number of women in maritime and oceans fields and the positions they occupy. The data obtained by the survey will help build a clearer picture of diversity and gender equality in the industry.

Ashlee holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from the Open University.