Avye Couloute

Avye, a 14-year-old student is a multi-award-winning tech maker, social entrepreneur, female tech advocate, workshop leader, and the founder of Girls Into Coding.

She is aware of the gender imbalance in Stem education & occupations and works tirelessly to create Tech opportunities for young people.

After observing most attendees at her workshops were boys, she was determined to get more girls into Tech. Three years ago, she founded Girls Into Coding (GIC) – a program of free events where girls aged 10-14 have an opportunity to explore coding, physical computing & robotics. She reaches out to female role models in STEM, inviting them to give talks at these events.

Avye’s endeavors have allowed her to emerge as a visible female role model. She demonstrates her Tech projects to the public including international events, leads regular tech workshops, writes blogs, has had several articles which highlight & celebrate her work in tech, video presentations, won Tech competitions, has fundraised to supply girls with physical computing kits & books, designs / develops & makes robotic kits used at her events.

She is on a mission to engage at least 1000 girls per year with hands-on workshops, including robotics, coding, physical computing, 3D printing, 3D Design & more.

During Covid 19 she launched a virtual version of GIC and is also was able to successfully deliver her robotics workshop online to girls, using kits that she designs and posts to their homes. She is now delivering her program both virtually and in person.

She advocates for diversity in the tech sector and believes you are never too young for your ideas to have value.

She wants all girls to feel empowered to access opportunities to learn how to code, develop their making and digital skills regardless of where they come from.