I first realised that I could code for a living during my AS-Levels when my class attended a STEM event about the possible applications of mathematics, science and engineering in an increasingly technical world. At this event I was introduced to Computer Science as a degree and programming, something that I already knew that I enjoyed, as a profession! And that’s where my career in technology began. I graduated from Imperial College London in 2015 with a First in my Computing MEng and joined the graduate program at Credit Suisse that same year. As an Application Developer at Credit Suisse, I spent my first year as a Java developer within Equity Derivatives gaining exposure to the world of banking and the commercial applications of my degree. In August 2016, I joined the Equity Risk department as a Clojure developer on a project to deliver a novel and intuitive way for traders to view and manage their risk. Having never heard the of the programming language, “Clojure”, prior to this role, this was an exciting opportunity to challenge myself and learn something new and I haven’t looked back since. Post completing the graduate program in July 2017, I am now the product owner of the risk viewer and line manager to four external contractors across two Clojure projects.