Carol Ann Whitehead

I am a Royal Society of Arts Fellow, an advocate of women’s rights, equality, diversity and inclusion.

Founded in 2000, The Zebra Partnership, is a boutique agency that brings together talented freelancers in the fields of publishing, campaigns, communications and event management on a project by project basis across all sectors. A flexible team that can white label, co-produce or work under their own brand.

I am a communications expert that has had over twenty years publishing, promotions and organising events of all shapes and sizes from 8 to 8000, indoors and outdoors, here in the U.K. and overseas, plus experience of developing and organising five royal visits since 2004.

The publishing arm of the business, is managed by co-founder and games veteran writer and author Dan Whitehead, a voting member of BAFTA with over 20 books, graphic novels and comics under their belt. I am an award winning publisher from the European Publishing Institute and I provide PR and marketing support in addition critiquing the development of the publication. Our Zebra Comics is a popular brand extension and one of our creations graced the cover of the Big Issue in the North – Ella Upgraded a 12 year girl of mixed heritage who has STEM powers – the issue was a ‘Kids Take Over’ with interviews and articles by children and a pull out sample Zebra Comic.

I am also on contract Marketing, Business and Event Production Lecturer at Access Creative College, Guest Lecturer at University of Manchester and former Associate Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Recipient of the Inclusive Companies Certificate of Excellence, winner of Entrepreneur Jacqueline Golds #WOW Award, #QueenOf Engaging Events award, in addition to Regional and National Winner of the Forward Ladies Mentor of the Year 2019 and on the Northern Powerwomen Power List 2020