Caroline is a business owner. She has started and owns several businesses.

1. Lawdacity – Consultancy, Training and Coaching

Through Lawdacity she provides consultancy, coaching, live training, books and online products to the legal sector and to users of legal services.

Following a successful career as a solicitor in top city law firm she set up a solicitors’ firm which she then merged with another firm and exited. She then set up as Newman Consulting in 2006. She later incorporated the business as Lawdacity Limited in 2010

She provides the following courses:

Legal Gold for Law Students – ninja tactics to get your first job in law – to help law students enter the legal profession
Win Without a Lawyer –

2. Health Wealth Beauty –

She created a Manifesto for Having it All – She set up Health Wealth Beauty an online business specialising in educating women about their health, providing choices of organic health and beauty products and opportunities to earn extra money. She created the brands Nuevo Health (organic supplements) and Nuevo Beauty.
Brands Nuevo Health and Nuevo Beauty.

3. MLM Magic –

She has an multi level markeing business. This is an online bsiness that attracts leads from people who want to


Elevate Your Business’ and Business Elevation Success Training

Caroline supports women business owners to succeed in business. She provides books, live events and training and on line programmes.

She established Elevate Your Business putting on events to help women business owners to succeed.

EBooks: 5 Things Successful People do Every day; and 5 Tips for Selling to Corporates and Professionals


She provides live training to other coaches, trainers on How to Sell and Deliver Coaching, Training and Consulting Services to Corporates and Professionals

6. PUBLISHING – Lawdacity Productions

Caroline is the author of several books. One (Legal Gold for Coaches, Trainers and Consultants) has been self published. The other 4 books have been written and are to be published in 2018/19.

Caroline is a #1 Best Selling International author in 5 countries (USA, Spain, South Africa, UK and Australia).

7. African Women Lawyers’ Association

Caroline founded the African Women Lawyers’ Association. This is a Social Enterprise to solve the problem of BAME women accessing and progressing in the legal profession. She founded the Women’s Leadership Summit – an annual leadership conference for 200 women held at the Law Society. She has created Get Board Ready a programme which will prepare them to take up positions on boards, local government, charities, national government and international NGOs.

She mentors students. She supports 28toomany to stop female genital mutilation.