Carolyne Ferguson

I started my association with customers as a 14-year-old wanting to earn extra cash in the evenings and weekends and soon found that my passion for people grew as I progressed into my late teens.

People fascinate me, probably why I choose a career in retail so I could truly examine them in all their glory. Over the years, I have experienced customers not knowing how to effectively communicate! I have been on the wrong side of customer’s aggression too many times. Simply because customers did not know how to articulate their problems to me. So, what did I do?
I listened! After I had stepped back!

I joined Marks and Spencer as a Visual Merchandiser but very soon worked through the ranks to become a store manager. Leaving M&S, I joined Debenhams and enjoyed many a year interacting with customers and staff.

In 2014, I needed a new challenge but wanted to transfer my customer skills to another industry, so I joined a construction company as a customer service officer. Learning from the bottom about the industry but still keeping those important links and transferable skills, I felt that I had finally come home!

Promoted to Stakeholder Manager and then Stakeholder and Communications manager gave me aspirations to always deliver open and honest expectations to everyone involved so that confidence and trust could be built by all parties.

I started working for Kier Highways on the smart motorway project on the M23 in April 2018. Working on a major project is always exciting and keeping all the plates spinning is a challenge but really enjoyable and rewarding.