Vijeta Agarwal

Vijeta Agarwal | Barclays

Vijeta Agarwal is an Associate Vice President with Barclays and has been working for 13 years. She specialises in training and change management.

Vijeta has completeed her commerce graduation from Lucknow University and has completed various certifications including PRINCE 2 from KPMG, Training Evaluation from MDI Gurgaon, 7 habits of highly effective people from Steven Covey and many more.

In her career of 13 years, she has had inspirational growth where she started as at level one and is now a part of leadership.

Vijeta comes from a business class family and is highly supportive of women in leadership and supporting the underpreviledged as much as she can. She has two sisters and has a niece and nephew who are very dear to her.


Uma Nair | Self Employed

Writing for nearly three decades on contemporary Indian art can chisel one’s thoughts and provide an arsenal that brims on the volume and power of memory. Having penned reviews and observations for major newspapers like Economic Times ,Hindustan Times and Asian Age Uma Nair believes no writing can happen without research.Nair’s obituary of Sayed Haider Raza was carried in Indian Express,The Hindu and the Asian Age.

Nair’s monograph on Arpita Singh’s Wishdream was an essay that was penned as far back as 2005 but published by Saffronart in 2010.Nair’s admiration for Sanjay Bhattacharyya’s works   goes back to two decades when she would visit all his solo showings.

In an art world obsessed with installations and art writing in media reduced to barefoot journalism Nair feels art needs to be studied with a certain cerebral absorption .A lot art in India has been reduced to wanton colour strokes with no depth and nearly absent experience. Nair’s notes on Sanjay span nearly two decades and she was able to pick and preen into his past through the prism of the present.In 2012 she curated Sanjay Bhattacharyya’s epic showing of Krishna at Religare in Delhi.

Nair believes that curating too is an exercise that must go beyond the books and walls.It must invite bouquets and brickbats,it must probe the darker secrets of an artist’s sensibility.Nair’s most important curatorial venture has been with the Lalit Kala Akademi in a show called Moderns that has been sent to Jordan, Berlin and Vienna.Her desire is to write and educate and inform.(Uma Nair Blog TOI) (Uma Nair Huffington Post) (Uma Nair Economic Times) (Uma Nair The Hindu)

Swati Vakharia

Swati Vakharia | 1985

Small selfless things achieved for others, unknowingly wins you a big place in their hearts. This wisdom that has dawned upon Women Planet Foundation for their altruistic services to the welfare of the society. Women Planet Foundation is an endeavour to bring smiles on women/girls in need, who are deprived of basic needs, for all those who are less fortune so that they have enough education, hygiene care, food and shelter. It stresses upon the ideology of help and spread smiles! We believe that women globally has equal right to hygiene and right to education.

We generally work for women and children, concentrating on the issues they have to compromise with.

Surya V

Surya V | Barclays

I am Surya working at Barclays Shared Services for almost three years now. I am an active participant in citizenship activities and help in selling handmade products made by Maithree Special School. I am also an active committee member of CSR, Women Initiative Network. I allocate my time to these activities and make sure that it does not affect my work. I was promoted to AVP in a short span of time owing to my dedication and hard work. I inspire my juniors and also help/motivate them to reach their goals personally and professionally.


Sumita Bose | Freelance Writer

Sumita Bose has a commendable teaching experience of more than two decades in different schools of Delhi. She has authored many popular science and mathematics books especially aimed towards children. She has done her graduation and B.Ed from India and a child psychology course from Vermont, USA. She has undertaken autism training from Illinois University, USA.

She has authored a number of books including Autism: A handbook of diagnosis and treatment of ASD; 71 + 10 New Mathematics Projects; Vedic Mathematics; Vedic Ganit; Learning Mathematics the Fun Way; Chemistry chapters (Class X) for e-learning programme of Rachna; Fun with Mathematics; ìThe Joy of Mathematics, a book of mathemagic, mathematical puzzles and activities; a science sample paper for Class IX and X; CP Digest Science Class IX; CP Digest Science and Technology, Class X; Excel with mathematics Pre Primer and Excel with mathematics Primer; and Mathemania, a puzzle book

She has won many awards for authoring the first autism book in India. Her name is entered in India book of records as well:

Sonali Ranga

Sonali Ranga | Barclays

Sonali is working as an Assistant Manager at Barclays. Recruited from campus as a part of the Graduate Program that Barclays offers, she has worked across diverse fields in analytics like Marketing, Fraud and Model Monitoring over the last three years. Her inputs to the organization have been instrumental in strategic business decisions and have been recognized under the Global Values Recognition Program in 2015.

Born and raised in Faridabad, she completed her dual degree in Electrical engineering with specialization in Information and Communication Technology from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD). She has been awarded MHRD Research scholarship and Dr Ambedkar National Merit Award by the Government of India for academic excellence.

She considers her journey until now has been fulfilling. From studying biology in high school to engineering in under-graduation to working in banking, her constant zeal to know more has helped her to grow as an individual.

A photographer by passion, she is an enthusiastic traveler and currently stays in New Delhi.

Sonali Chandola

Sonali Chandola | Ernst & Young

My journey so far has been an interesting mix of personal, professional and spiritual experiences that have shaped me my ‘Never give up’ attitude in life. I feel that in order to be successful one needs to possess and practise some positive character traits. In this light, my strengths lie in the fact that I am a confident, ambitious and well organised person, who likes to lead by example and make a difference by touching the lives of people around me in a positive way. I believe in being perseverant towards reaching my goals by using the power and spirit of teamwork in order to bring out the best-in class output: this is something I like to apply in every sphere of my life. Every person likes to talk of their successes but I firmly believe that failure is a bitter yet better teacher than success because it saves one from being complacent which is why I hold all my failures and the learnings they taught me very close to me and apply them whenever I’m stuck in a similar situation. If I were to write my biography in a sentence it would be summarised in this beautiful quote by Patrick Overton, ‘When you come to the edge of all the light you know and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen: either there will be something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly.’

Sivapriya Ramakrishnan

Sivapriya Ramakrishnan | Capgemini

I was born and raised in the conservative and fondly familiar city of Chennai. I completed my education right upto my MBA in my hometown barely exposed to anything beyond my city. However, I kickstarted my career in the mergers and acquisitions division in HCL Technologies, which eventually opened up my horizons to people from different cultures and different backgrounds. I then moved on to Frost & Sullivan to pursue my career in the Business and Financial services team. Work eventually took me to Deloitte in Mumbai – the melting pot of the country. I have explored so much of my professional and personal abilities in this city thanks to the opportunities, the people and exploratory environment here. During my two and a half year stint in Deloitte and eventually Capgemini, I took to travelling with a personal aim to fill the pages in my passport with stamps and pages in my life with stories. As I am exploring a different role in Corporate Strategy in Capgemini, I have also brought back an old love – my love for writing as I contribute to which celebrates the lives of women entrepreneurs in India. I married Nitesh Ranvah, a naval architect and entrepreneur in 2013 after a typical “Two States” story to our credit.

Shweta Chawla

Shweta Chawla | Barclays

Shweta Chawla is an explorer, adventure travel freak, a software developer and ethereum/blockchain enthusiast who loves to connect and coordinate.

As a software developer for ten years in IT industry and having lived in multiple cities and countries, I have grown and evolved as a person. However, true satisfaction comes from giving back to society. Outside work, I can be found gardening or participating in events like Hackathons or even hosting events and spreading some smiles. I strongly believe in the potential of women and am really passionate to bring about a positive change in the lives of women around me, personally as well as professionally.

Shruti Chaturvedi

Shruti Chaturvedi | Chaaipani

I am 22-year-old, graduate in psychology from St. Xavier’s College, after dropping out of engineering course. I have worked in the media and digital advertising industry during the three years of my college. A year ago I also initiated Chaaipani.