Jessica Gioglio - Sprinklr

Jessica Gioglio | Sprinklr

Jessica Gioglio is the Head of Content Lab at Sprinklr and co-author of, “The Power of Visual Storytelling: How to How to Use Visuals, Videos, and Social Media to Market Your Brand.” As Head of Content Lab for Sprinklr, Jessica oversees a global team of social media content strategists and designers who help companies develop meaningful experiences and engagement opportunities with their target consumers.

Prior to Sprinklr, Jessica lead social media for Dunkin’ Donuts, where she lead the development and transformation of the company’s social media strategy. From developing innovative social media campaigns, to live tweeting from a Hollywood Red Carpet and managing high-profile partnerships, her work resulted in numerous industry awards.

Jessica launched her career in 2005 at Comcast, where she learned the value and power of social media customer service. Following a successful time at State Street where she managed 14 global agencies, Jessica joined TripAdvisor as the company launched their social media program.

A recognized thought leader and sought after speaker, Jessica was named one of the top women who rocked social media in 2014 and 2013. She also frequently contributes to industry publications, such as the Convince&Convert blog.

Jessica is now based in London. She holds a bachelor of science in marketing from Bentley University, with a minor in public relations.


Gemma Guise | Journolink

Gemma GuiseManaging director of Journolink, founder of Primedia Solutions, CEO of disguisepr and part time personal trainer.

I'm passionate about all the businesses I am involved with and look forward every day to expanding each of them.

I am driven and focused in everything I do, I love being able to interact with people on a daily basis. Apparently it's one of my great skill sets...'talking'

I have learnt a huge amount in every business I have started. I have worked what my weak areas are and I have employed staff accordingly.

Outside of my work life I like to be gyming or running, I'm also a health nut when it comes to food and I always have my head buried in a healthy recipe book.
My true love though :)

Emma Al Munshi

Emma Al-Munshi | Kruger Cowne

Emma Al-MunshiMoving from the Middle East to the UK at a very young age and having experienced adversity growing up, Emma channelled those experiences into her professional work. Moving swiftly up the ranks of the firm FinanceInterns, Emma's passion for spreading the message of equality for all young people saw her play a proactive role in opening doors to many students wishing to gain a foot on the finance career ladder.

Excited to further develop her communications, media and PR skill set , she was soon taken under the wing of entrepreneur and PR expert, Jessica Huie MBE. As part of JHPR, Emma worked on a range of clients; from personalities, to corporates, to brands, pushing the stories of inspirational businesses and their successful founders out into the public domain. She was involved in high profile projects such as Band Aid 30, and plays an integral role in leading talent management agency Kruger Cowne's Rising Star Programme. An initiative that lends a voice to young people, her work with this campaign has seen her champion young leaders and strive for a platform for the youth to engage in discussion around some of the world's most pressing issues.


Victoria Smith | My Little Black Book

She might have been brought up in the small village of Abbots Bromley, in Staffordshire, but Victoria Smith has big ambitions. A freelance writer in the process of launching her own copywriting agency, Content Content (‘happy words’), this creative entrepreneur is also the founder and editor of My Little Black Book – a digital magazine for the thinking woman.

Earmarked by Cosmopolitan as “one of the best online writers in the entire country”, Cambridge graduate Smith has a dual agenda: to elevate the female voice in an industry still biased towards male bylines, and to focus on real-life role models, rather than celebrities, in order to empower the everyday woman. Originally built in her bedroom and now read – and written – by women across the world, Smith’s site has scooped several awards and set her up as a sought-after millennial advocate, appearing on the likes of BBC Radio London to discuss attitudes towards women in the workplace and the under-representation of women in sport.

As well as being passionate about aspirational writing – feeling too many column inches are given over to vacuous celebrity stories – Smith also supports the next generation of female journalists, regularly speaking to sixth formers and offering students and budding wordsmiths a taste of what it takes to earn a living from editorial, as well as a chance to begin building a portfolio.

Tamara Leigh Rising Star 2015

Tamara Leigh | IRIN

Tamara Leigh is a communications and advocacy consultant, who works with international aid agencies and the media to raise awareness on issues of humanitarian concern.

After graduating with a degree in Politics and Philosophy, Tamara moved to Nairobi in Kenya to work for the United Nations. Since then, she has worked with the International Red Cross in East Africa and South Sudan, with the International Rescue Committee in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

She is currently based in London, working for the humanitarian news service, IRIN, supporting its transition from the UN into an independent media agency that delivers unique, authoritative and independent reporting from the frontlines of crises. She has recently published work on the Democratic Republic of Congo and the global migration crisis.