Christina Warner

I am a barrister at 1MCB Chambers. Originally qualifying as a solicitor-advocate, I cross-qualified as I believed my skills would be better utilised at the bar.

I am a LGBTQ/I+, women’s and human rights activist. I have contributed to campaigns and conferences raising awareness of social mobility and access to justice for those of marginalised communities, in particular those of the LGBT and Spanish-speaking communities in the UK.

I often represent individuals who form part of alternative family structures, promoting their rights and those of their children as well as better visibility of the community before the family courts. Providing voluntary support and training for charities who are all too often underfunded, I aim to raise awareness of social mobility and access to justice.

I have contributed to numerous leading legal publications, including Criminal Law & Justice Weekly, Criminal Bar Quarterly and Counsel, raising awareness of the impact of violence and abuse on children and families on both a national and international scale.
After a sabbatical at the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, where I contributed to the draft guidance on policies involving children and also formed part of a team of prosecutors bringing cases against individuals involved in the recruitment of child soldiers and girls involved in sexual slavery; I was appointed associate counsel in January 2018 with a particular interest in representing the victims of gender-based violence.

I was the only individual to have been a finalist shortlisted in two categories (Lawyer of the Year and Diversity Champion) at 2018’s UK Legal Diversity Awards, I was also credited by Amnesty International during their ‘Suffragette Spirit’ Campaign in March 2018, where I was listed on their Suffragette Map of Britain of modern-day, leading female human rights campaigners.
I was appointed a magistrate in 2008, one of the youngest magistrates at the time.