Christine Ondimu

Christine Ondimu is a volunteer mentor, striving to live a purposeful life to inspire kindness and to lead by example.

Christine is a Compliance Governance and Standards Manager at HSBC.

Christine has lived and worked for HSBC in four (4) countries – United States of America, South Africa, Kenya and now United Kingdom.

In her 11 year career at HSBC, Christine has been actively championed Diversity through the HSBC USA African Heritage Committee, Mentor at Sizanani mentoring program in Johannesburg South Africa and HSBC EMBRACE UK in London.

As Community Engagement Lead at HSBC EMBRACE UK she has created a strong partnership with charities like the Princes Trust Mosaic mentoring programs, HESTIA and Wildfowl Wetlands Trust and DWP mentoring Circles where HSBC EMBRACE members regularly volunteer.

Additionally Christine has spoken to students at London universities and schools on the importance of Diversity in an organisation.

Christine lives in Kent, with her two children, 17 and 7.

In addition to running the 2018 London Half Marathon and raising funds for the British Red Cross, her extracurricular activities include writing, baking, hiking and gymnasium