Claire Haye

My career has taken me through different job titles, sectors and location but has always been focused in the Administrative Profession.

My first role was Office Junior way back in 2000 and from there I moved into Dorset Local Authority looking after small teams and eventually being responsible for 80 administrators across 9 county wide locations. I relocated in 2012 to the East Midlands and joined a Social Housing organisation in a PA role but restructuring I was promoted into a Facilities Manager position. Sadly I was then made redundant, which hit me hard so as part of my resilience I evaluated what I wanted the rest of my career to look like. This led to the realistation that I had moved away from what I enjoyed so I focused on a position where my skills would positively impact leadership. This led to me joining Amazon as a General Manager Assistant (Executive Assistant) at their Kegworth site in 2020; just as the World changed through COVID.