Claudia Craig

Claudia is a women’s rights campaigner and activist motivated by injustice and the potential for change.

Claudia is inspired by strong and powerful women on a daily basis, but finds it impossible not be infuriated by the way women are continually marginalised and oppressed. This fury fuels an intense passion for gender equality and inspired her to choose a career campaigning for transformative gender justice.

Claudia is currently Campaign Manager for the Centenary Action Group, a unique cross-party coalition of over 100 women’s rights activists and organisations #StillMarching for women’s right to take part in the decisions that affect their lives. Prior to joining the Centenary Action Group Claudia worked for CARE International UK on their global campaign to end workplace harassment whilst simultaneously studying for an MSc in Gender, Development and Globalisation from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Originally from Scotland, Claudia started her career working as policy support in the UK and Scottish Governments.

In a personal capacity, Claudia successfully campaigned for home use of the abortion pill in England and Wales, sharing her own experience of abortion to highlight the need for change. Claudia appeared on BBC Newsnight and the Victoria Derbyshire Show to advocate for home use and has also been published in the Guardian and Independent.