Cressida Stewart

Having completed an MSc in psychology, I became eager to learn more about the female psyche and the rise in anxiety and mental distress for women in modern society.

I undertook in-depth study into the relationship young women have with social media, especially Instagram, and how it is the cause of huge psychological distress.

My interest in women in society took me to Grace Belgravia, a health and well-being club , where I helped build unique member programmes to support the mental state of women who felt pressures from society. I did this alongside the psychologist of the British fashion council, and devised a programme catering to the needs of those who suffered a ‘Superwoman syndrome’. We designed and provided the tools to combat this distress for women who were mentally struggling.

My journey in psychology took me to a Behavioural Insights agency where I worked on a London council campaign that acted to change the attitude of those living in the area to live a healthier lifestyle.
I then went into brand partnerships, fascinated by the relationship between brands and their customers.

Working at Cherry London has been an empowering and rewarding experience. I have helped build The WealthiHer Network, an initiative created by women, for women. It is a movement which aims to revolutionise the perception of women in the financial sector and to exact positive change, for the benefit of all.