I am a passionate female entrepreneur who is determined to make a difference for people from under represented backgrounds within the workforce. I have worked within the recruitment industry for over 18 years and worked for a number of organisations including BT, Carphone Warehouse, Talk Talk and at ITV for Creative Access.  Throughout my career, no matter what organisation I worked in, there were never many people who looked like me working in similar positions. I faced barriers in my career and when I wanted to move up the ladder, the only way for me was to move out due to the lack of opportunity to progress.

I found that it wasn’t just myself. A lot of people who came from a similar background to me from ethnic minority, or from other under-represented backgrounds had similar issues. I started to look at organisations more closely and started delving into the data. It soon became clear  that a lot of organisations were not as diverse as they thought they were. Whilst there were lots of people who looked like me at a certain level, at the hierarchy the numbers significantely reduced. I’m a great believer in being part of the change that you want to see in the world and so armed with this, I decided to set up my own business. I felt that my recruitment experience, excellent market knowledge and work within the diversity networks could enable me to make a difference.