I have been a Gynaecology nurse for 15 years and over this time my passion for caring for young women has developed. For the last 4 ½ years I have been an endometriosis Clinical Nurse Specialist in a specialist centre providing care to women with complex and severe disease. To set up the post I won a U H Bristol nursing scholarship award with enabled me to research the role and identify the key aspects of service provision. From these first steps I have worked alongside my Consultant to develop my skills and knowledge and am now able to provide a fully independent nurse led service to support women through their treatment journey at out hospital.

I have undertaken specialist training and completed professional modules at M level.

I have undertaken patient experience surveys and feedback cards and have identified the role of the CNS is vital in supporting women with this long term chronic condition. It can have a huge impact on a women’s quality of life and their relationships with partners, family and friends. Offering them rapid access to my clinic, phone call and email support enables them to self manage their disease and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.