Denise Chippendale

Denise Chippindale is Marketing Manager at General Assembly.

Having worked there for more that 3.5 years, her work has spanned from partnerships, campaigns, events and community initiatives. She has developed over 400 events for the public, implementing free workshops and classes to make education accessible to all.

Denise believes in expanding the skillset of the London community and is quite passionate in helping individuals to pursue a career they love. She is co-founder of ‘The 2030 Movement’ which is a free, full day festival that hosts over 30 workshops for people to participate, learn new skills and having fun whilst doing it. Alongside her incredible team, Denise aims to strive to continuously create an inclusive and supportive environment when people walk through the doors of GA.

Previously, Denise was a graphic designer at a small education startup in which she took on the role of expanding operations across Australia and developing her skillset into sales and marketing. Denise previously was The Design Kids host in both Sydney and London, which has formed into a global meet up that helps individuals bridge the gap between students and industry. As you can see, her passion lies deeply in education in various forms.