Denise Chippindale

As a trained visual designer now in marketing I have a wealth of experience in both the tech, design and marketing industries.

Spending 4 years in design, I decided to make the switch to marketing and partnerships.

I started at General Assembly in 2016 coming from a small EduTech startup looking for a change in working in a global company. What really resonated with me about GA was the goal in transforming people’s careers. I had such a tough experience at university in knowing what I was learning were skills that were going to be eventually made redundant. I loved the fact there was a institution that were focusing on skills of the future and still to this day stand by what GA is all about.

Starting out in partnerships helped me grow out of my shell and meet people in various industries to spread the word about what GA was trying to cultivate. I then slowly moved into the local marketing manager role where I helped focus on looking at local activities, classes and workshops and PR. Today I’m now based in London where I took the big leap to move overseas to develop my managerial skills and grow in my own career whilst helping others look and expand theirs.