After I completed my bachelor’s degree BEng (Hons) Architectural Environment Engineering followed by masters of MSc Renewable Energy and Architecture at the University of Nottingham, I got accepted to a Graduate Facilities Program within G4S Facilities Management. Out of 87 people only 2 is selected and the rotational program started between 4 cities Newbury, Wootton Bassett, Birmingham and Oxford. I’ve worked for pharmaceutical offices, elementary schools and NHS hospitals both in Hard FM and Soft FM. For mobilization of the brand new contracts I visited Northern Ireland as business trip and tupe in members are being trained in DVLA offices and Her Majesty’s courts for facilities management services.

Previously I worked in a world-wide construction project designed to supply water under the Mediterranean Sea from “Anamur Turkey Dam” to a re-constructed “Gecitkoy Cyprus Dam”. I had my summer internship in Cyprus phase of the project and collected summer term data about compression of soil from different points of each improving part of dam height. I wrote laboratory reports and analyzed the taken values in order to show formal engineers to decide if the new layer is successful.  Yearly data is investigated and during summer placement, control measures for the project are settled as the only woman engineer in the Cyprus part of the project.

I’ve worked in a Renewable Energy construction project, as group of five people we built a 240W wind turbine for an off-grid farm  in Nottinghamshire. I have worked in electrical part, generator making and cost/benefit analysis of the project. Had a wonderful time management within the tasks with finishing an efficiently working small wind turbine in five working days effort without having previous practical knowledge.