Eleanor Winters

I aim to create inclusive employee experiences. I currently work in Accenture’s HR Consulting practice as a Technology Consultant and joined in September 2018 as an Analyst.

My experience to date is mainly in the financial services sector on global HR Technology transformations where I navigate complex regulatory and cultural landscapes. Though early on in my career, I have had the opportunity to lead a global team due to my proven track record of delivering results. Inclusion is a huge part of what drives me and influences how I work as well as the advice I give to clients. I have led several Inclusion and Diversity initiatives in my department, mainly centred around enabling and encouraging what are usually seen as difficult conversations around race and allyship more generally. Through my work, it is important to me to build an environment where everyone can relate authentically, questioning what we traditionally see as ‘professional’ and how we can make this more inclusive.

In addition to my client work I have been heavily involved in building a community across our HR Consulting practice at Accenture, allowing us to share knowledge, recognise great work and meet both formally and informally, though for the last year this has been solely virtually!

Prior to joining Accenture, I graduated from the University of Durham with a first-class degree in Modern Languages during which I had the opportunity to work and volunteer abroad, an experience which emphasised to me the importance and value of different perspectives and communication styles. I also worked as a senior mentor on a government programme designed to build skills and confidence in school leavers. I’ve continued working with young people alongside my day job, leading workshops for unemployed young people on topics such as interview and presentation skills as well as speaking at university events to encourage increased female representation in Consulting careers.