Eleonore Hinlopen

With my study background in Social Sciences and Business Administration (which I studied in Amsterdam, Netherlands), I considered starting working in a completely different field, which was Finance.

I always like to learn things in which I am not experienced yet. I started as Finance Consultant after I graduated in 2016, and my first assignment was implementation testmanager for a new financial core system at a Healthcare company. This was where I learned the aspects of IT, functional acceptance tests and solving technical issues. After this assignment of 10 months, I started within ING Group, as Finance Analyst within Performance and Technology. After only 3 months in, one of the managers came to me that he wanted to start a new team with me joining: the Global Transformation & Change Finance team. And so we did – I have been working with ING Group on this team for 2.5 years in Amsterdam, before I decided that I wanted to expand my career abroad. In 2019 fall, I moved to Stockholm, Sweden, to experience working in the Nordic region, where innovation is very advanced, and the startup scene as well. This is where I started my current job back in 2020: as Program Manager of Mastercard Lighthouse, a social impact program helping startups scale globally through partnerships. I was very delighted that I found my Social Sciences background back here, since I missed this in my previous role with ING. I am truly inspired by working with startups, especially in the sustainability and social impact field as I do now. My ambition is to become more known with impact investing, and to do more with the effective altruistic side of supporting impact tech startups.