Eman Hassan

My journey to qualification has been somewhat unconventional and challenging having qualified in August 2018.

I graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2012 having unfortunately not obtained a 2.1. I remember the feeling of sheer disappointment and upset, thinking that potentially my aspiration to achieving my goal to become a Solicitor was impossible. I was resolved to succeed and decided to move to London from Preston to complete my LPC. Having moved to London, I secured a job at Moore Blatch Solicitors as a Facilities temp, photocopying bundles and various admin tasks. I took extra care to ensure that all jobs I completed were to a high level. I was pleased to progress to a Legal Secretary in 2013, then to a Paralegal at the same firm. I appreciated that my level of degree was not going to be helpful for me in terms of securing a training contract and having found my niche in 2016 within the newly established Major Trauma Service at Moore Blatch, I then opted to progress my qualification through the Paralegal Equivalent Means Route. I was the first at Moore Blatch to qualify by this route and whilst the thought was terrifying, I believed that with sheer determination and hard work, there was a chance that I would be successful and happily achieved this after 18 months of tirelessly building my portfolio to reflect the work and experience I had to be admitted as a Solicitor. I qualified in August 2018 and since have continued to work in the Major Trauma Service as a Solicitor, supporting my clients through their journey to recovery and have worked on high profile cases, such as the Croydon Tram Crash and the Westminster Terror Attack.