Ericka FitzGerald

After working as an ESL teacher for nearly 10 years for large corporates and a university in Brazil, I decided to challenge myself by applying for a sales role at Bloomberg following the advice of a Head of HR who happened to be one of my students at that time.

In a couple of years I became the top sales person for LATAM and decided to move to the UK where my family was based. I then joined Barclays as an eFX sales person and later MUFG. I got married, had two boys who are now 7 and 3 years-old, and, besides my role as a Vice President on the eFX Trading desk, I am the founding co-chair of Family Matters, one of MUFG’s Employee Networks founded in 2016.

I also lead the MUFG’s mother’s forum, where I support new mothers coming back from maternity leave. This has significantly contributed to MUFG’s ability to support and retain women. As I work 4 days a week, I have been a role model for many others (men and women), who I mentor, to support them in finding balance in their day-to-day lives and careers.

After my first child was born I suffered from PTSD and know how hard it is to cope with mental health, a stressful job whilst being a mum and a wife at the same time. This made me passionate about creating networks and helping others especially at work where people usually suffer in silence. I regularly sit on panels to share my experiences as a working mum on a part-time arrangement and also about mental health. I have done Reiki and Healing courses and am an active fundraiser for Deep Sea Rainbows, a charity supporting young kids and teenagers in Kenya.