Accomplished and energetic sales management professional with over 15 years of experience. Successful in delivering sustainable revenue and profit gains in competitive markets. Well-versed in leading staff and mentoring with experience instilling motivation and dedication.

I have a versatile skill set with various experience in sales, customer service and product management in private and public organization. In the past I have worked both in public organizations like Lombardia Regional Government, NGOs in Milan, UN in Geneva and in private investment companies like AXA Investment management after finally landing in the fin-tech sector, where I am currently developing my career since 2007.

Recognized analytical and problem-solving skills, I define myself as a self-starter and self-learner with distinctive communication skills, drive to succeed and a constant will to learn and acquire new skills. I speak several languages ( Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch and a bit of Chinese) and I have always been involved and supported community-based events and causes where I believe I can contribute to the achievement of the greatest good. I am co-leading the Bloomberg Women community and my focus is to develop effective partnerships with local charities and organizations to support events on gender-awareness, relationship-building and career development opportunities to encourage women to be leaders in technology and share their passions with people in need.

Currently, I am responsible for the FX and Corporations advanced team in the Analytics desk in Bloomberg. As a team leader, I take pride in diversity and inclusion and in bringing out the best of people and set them to success. I am always striving to bring 100% to the work that I do and my goal is to build a strong and over-achieving team where team work is the key to success. As a result I have been selected for Leadership excellence course in 2017 for my company globally.