Fareeha Usman

Fareeha is the founder of Being woman, a registered charity working towards to educate and empower women with the skills and confidence to challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination in the society.

She is a multi-talented personality, a Kathak artist and motivational speaker. She is also a human rights activist who never gave up on life despite the devastating injuries and complications that she went through. Fareeha is the survivor of a car accident which left her a widow at a very young age. This does not end here and due to the societal pressures she was married again when she could hardly walk within 2 years of the traumatic accident. Her problems did not end here and she was tortured and abused by her husband and she was the victim of marital rape. She stood up for her rights and stayed strong. Fareeha chose not to carry on with an existence of wretchedness and disillusion after her mischances in her life. She discovered her inward quality by restoring the people and leadership skills inside her after her loss of motion and physical and mental distress that she went through prior. She broke all shackles of physical handicap and rises above to accomplish her fantasies to continue with her dancing and partcipated in reality tv shows in Pakistan and have performed for various charities in UK. Her speciality demonstrates her resilience and motivation in life which helped her to beat her feelings of dread. She has spread awareness and have developed programmes around mental health and gender based violence and discrimination in Pakistan. She has been actively promoting digital and social inclusion in Northumberland through her work and is one of 100 Tech Up Women Programme by Dr Sue Black and now is the ambassador of the programme. She strongly vouch for the promotion of equality and diversity and supports asylum seekers and refugee women and families in Northumberland. Fareeha is additionally a motivational speaker. Starting at now, she has given motivational chats on various stages, for example, Share and Learn events held by Goodthings foundation and was also a speaker at Digital Evolution conference in London at BT centre. She is writing a book to empower women through her story and an ambassador for Gender equity! She believes that “we are the sheroes of our own life stories and sheroes never give up!