As a Senior Consultant at Deloitte I head up the firm’s Nordic FinTech capability. Growing up in Reykjavik Iceland, I spent most of my spare time training classical and modern ballet, and attended the National Ballet Academy of Iceland as well as the Commercial College of Iceland. Eventually academics took over though and after graduating college at 19, I moved to the UK to become an au-pair and later attended university. After completing a degree in Economics and Finance from Exeter University I joined Deloitte as an Analyst in their Technology Consulting business. I quickly started focusing on technology innovation in the financial sector and began to specialise in the industry. After a secondment with a FinTech startup accelerator I started focusing solely on FinTech, working with both big corporates and startups across EMEA, helping them collaborate to create new products and services in the industry. I have always been passionate about building new businesses and entrepreneurship, which is what attracted me to this type of work and the industry.

Outside of work I run my own company on the side together with my mother, creating and producing natural and organic skincare products in Iceland. The company is my passion which I started as a result from battling with my own skincare problems. We are currently selling our products in six countries across Europe, and have been featured in several magazines and other media.

I also loves to travel and experience new cultures and scenery, with this year’s travel plans already including Thailand, Singapore, New York, South Africa and Bali. I am a water sport enthusiast and try to spend as much time as possible both sailing and diving, and plan to start learning to surf later this year.