Georgina Brown

Georgina has a strong digital delivery background.

She has varied experience, including business analysis, project management and software development and design. She is an experienced manager and team leader and takes pride in being inclusive and seeing the people she mentors spread their wings and be valued.

Her infectious enthusiasm and passion for innovation comes from truly wanting the best for the organisation she works for as well as her team.

She has worked for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for over a year as the Digital Capability Lead where she is responsible for working across Defence to implement the Digital, Data and Technology profession. This requires her to build networks and connections across Government to make sure best practice is established. It also requires her to support employees with their learning and development and career choices by developing new training opportunities, including working with the Defence Academy and GDS Academy, and the BCS in developing digital skills within Defence. She is responsible for mentoring several employees herself as well as acting as a conduit to other Government departments for external mentoring. As part of this she has been responsible for bringing in new ways of learning, using on-demand training resources, and communities of practice, all for the first time in Defence.

In addition to her role in the MoD she is the Senior Delivery Manager for establishing a new way of working within Defence called the UK Defence Digital Service (UK DDS). This is the first tri-service and Civil Service collaboration for digital services. The first service she is leading will aim to improve efficiencies in medical decision making in combat and requires her to mentor and lead a technical team to be able to deliver. She works closely with senior leaders to support their engagement with these new ways of working, acting as a coach.

Before working for the MoD she worked for Innovate UK as the Programme Delivery Manager for the Innovation Funding Service (IFS). This has become the major funding route for Government funded research.

During her time with the research councils she was a Senior Project Manager for large scale change initiatives and the Senior Digital Services Manager for the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council where she concentrated on large scale corporate IT implementations.

In the more distant past she has gained skills and knowledge as a software developer and designer.