Gergana Argirova

Gergana Argirova is the Founder of London Music Box (”LMB”) and the principle ASD teacher there. She believes music should be available to all ages, all races, all abilities and disabilities and backgrounds.

LMB brings together mainstream students and people on the Autism Spectrum (“ASD”), without labelling and division. Her business aims to to smash the stigma and dispel the myth that ASD students are not as normal as “normal” people are and educate society that people should not be dismissed solely because they are on the Autism Spectrum.

Gergana’s passion for piano was ignited at age 5 when she first started receiving lessons. She has trained at some of the best schools and universities working with some of the best pianists across the world. From the outside looking in, Gergana’s path has looked easy and many assume she is from an affluent background. But this is far from the truth. Gergana comes from a humble background in Bulgaria and grew up with her family struggling to make ends meet.

Gergana was able to pursue piano because her school offered free lessons at the time. There were many times when she was afraid her musical training would come to an end due to finances and the only reason she was able to continue was through full scholarship funds, including her Bachelors and Master’s Degree at the University of Denver which were highly competitive. It was her passion for music that fuelled her determination in securing the funding she desperately needed to continue her education.

When moving to the UK in 2012, an acquaintance of hers had a son on the Autism Spectrum and had shared with her the troubles in finding a music teacher who would embrace a student on the Autism Spectrum and openly accept him as one. This prompted Gergana to create equal opportunity for all people on the Autism Spectrum to learn music. She has dedicated her life to this cause and her work has been recognised through both UK and international awards.

In 2018 LMB won ‘’Small Business Entrepreneur’’ with PickYourself UK.
In 2019, LMB won both the jury and the public award for ‘’Innovation business of 2019’’, as well as the ‘’Educational Business of 2019’’ in the Bulgarian Business Awards.

Gergana was a finalist in the 2019 Southwark Business Awards in the categories ‘’Entrepreneur of the Year’’ and ‘’Women in Business’’.