Giulia Olayemi

Giulia Olayemi is presently a 2nd year Medical Student at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

She previously graduated from Queen Mary University of London, with a 1st Class Honours in Biochemistry. Asides from her studies, Giulia advocates empowerment and supports her local community. She has multiple roles, one being the current Vice President London and is part of the first ever trilogy of women leading Barts and the London Students Association. As President of the African and Caribbean Society, Giulia led the organisation of the biggest UK University Black-owned Business Fair, with 50 Businesses in attendance! Giulia was crowned the Miss EBONY Ambassador UK 2019 and will be travelling in Nigeria this year to deliver her voluntary project. Her desire to constantly push boundaries has propelled her to do everything she does and make real contributions to society.