As captain of the girl’s cricket team, Hanfia Khan must personally stand for all the attributes the team pride themselves on. Loyalty, perseverance, dedication and steel hard determination is what makes her the unique individual that she is. She has a blinding ability to take control and simply captain the situation and take responsibility for the outcomes which happen.

Developed from a girl who struggled to voice her concerns and walked around with her signature slouch and body language practically screaming ‘stay away from me’, she is now the captain of the first all-Asian girl’s team to ever achieve anything like this.

She now stands proud, knowing she is playing a sport which has helped her overcome obstacles and made her the educated individual she is today.

She has had the pleasure on speaking on national TV, doing several radio interviews, filmed for national TV headlines and recived plenty of attention for the many awards the team has managed to pick up.

Looking back, she had come a long way from the challenged little girl that first began her journey three years ago as she has learnt, taught and played within the isolation of society. She now stands a proud performed woman, captain of the team who can genuinely say that cricket has saved her life.