Hannah Cameron

I work as engineering support for anyone to build almost anything, and I love my job!

I am passionate about helping people and in particular on closing the gap between what people think they can’t do and actually what they can do with a bit of support.

I started out as a Landscape Architect and worked in an architecture office for 3 years before realising that I wanted to build projects and get hands on with design work. I went to a local makerspace and discovered 3D printers, since then I’ve never looked back! The way I was made to feel welcome there has had a huge impact on my work and in order to pass that feeling on, I have volunteered my time to help in any makerspace I step into. Fast forward a few years and now I run a makerspace for Barclays Eagle Labs.

In my spare time I regularly perform at events and festivals, giving talks or presentations usually about 3D printing. Last year I performed my own 3D printing comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! A few years ago, myself and a friend set up a series of events at makerspaces called ‘WeMake’ which focused on connecting them up as a network and supporting not solely, but particularly, women in tech. I love introducing people to technology and showing them how accessible it can be, and also that we shouldn’t be afraid to fail.