Diversity being the core of what I do in my role in recruitment and network lead, I am particularly passionate about gender and BME equality.

Core member of D&I for both recruitment and Data Analytics- leading on the BME workstreams to harness the relationship between recruitment and the various EY Networks.

Having full recruitment oversight over Data Analytics recruitment means I am in a position to have an impact on diversity and am able to influence this through building relationships and trust.

I have introduced a number of initiatives in the past year in an attempt to influence our gender & BME mix.

  • Revamped interview matrix- to ensure that every BME/female candidate has one stage of their interviews with a BME/female interviewer.
  • Worked with brand and marketing team to profile and curate case studies on role models within the Data Analytics team, to showcase how EY supports them via flexible working.

Result: Have been able to positively influence our Diversity mix from:

Gender hires- 24% last year to 50% this year.
BME hires- 32% last year to 50% this year

Chair one of the BME faith based networks at EY; EY Sikh Network

Integral role in planning, designing and executing activities which enhance EY’s market leadership.

I have arranged & executed a number of events which tie in to and have influenced our talent pipelines and attract female and BME candidates

Outside of work, Trustee and volunteer for a charity called Binti www.binti.co.uk

Binti promotes menstrual dignity through access to sanitary protection and education.

In many parts of the world, unfortunately menstruation is a huge cause of gender inequality. Binti enables women within these communities to produce and sell sanitary towels in a sustainable social enterprise model, empowering them to fight against social stigma and become more equal participants within society, whilst also providing an extra source of sustainable income.

I have ran and lead menstrual education classes in India and East Africa. Spending time with these young children, both girls and boys has been hugely rewarding for me.

Using my background and experience in recruitment, I am also involved in dealing with the large number of applications we receive as a charity from volunteers and ensuing their skills are utilised in the appropriate projects.

I am thrilled to be able to have an impact on diversity both at work and outside of work and would love to inspire others to do the same.