I am currently working in Manufacturing Technology within Rolls-Royce, a central function which develops, improves and deploys advanced, cutting edge manufacturing technologies & processes. My two areas of focus are Additive Manufacture and Automation. Within Additive Manufacture I am leading a UK government geared project which is enabling fast design iteration and innovation through the development of Fast Make additive methods of manufacture for large structural next generation aero engine components. In this project I delivered the company’s largest yet component to be manufactured in one piece using additive layer powder bed fusion technology. Within the area of Automation I am working on collaborative robots and systems – understanding how we can safely integrate people and robots into factory environments without the physical need for restricting safety guarding which will enable flexibility in manufacturing processes and production lines.

Engineering isn’t an industry that I had imagined I would work in when I was at school as I was never aware of it as a career. As a result it was only at 17 when looking to apply for university that I come across degrees in Engineering. Immediately I could see it was a good fit for me – applying the theory of the subjects I most enjoyed (Maths, Physics and Chemistry) into the real world. I ended up completing a MEng in Mechanical Engineering at Cardiff University where I was able to work on a variety of subjects that took my interest. During my studies I completed a number of industrial placements that lead to me getting accepted on the Rolls-Royce Engineering Leadership graduate scheme.

It was my own lack of awareness in this industry that pushed me being part of the founding group to set up the Gender Diversity Network in Rolls-Royce. In my role on the UK committee I work to improve the gender diversity seen in the talent pipeline by leading the STEM outreach activities that the network carries out. In this voluntary role, I work with the network across the UK developing new activities, setting up events and showing young women the variety of apprentice and graduate careers available to them in STEM. As a result of this work we are seeing more young women apply for work experience in the company and have also followed a number of individuals who have now successfully applied for the early career schemes into Rolls-Royce.