Herchran Boal

I have been working for the RSPCA as a Inspector for the last 19yrs.

I am extremely Passionate about Animal welfare, educating the public on being compassionate towards animals & how caring for them can bring us not only great joy but Rewards both Physically & Mentally.

I have been privileged to be able to do this through working on different programs namely The Dog Rescuers & The cat Rescuers on channel 5. I have become one of the Inspectors featured regularly on this program & i feel very honoured to be able to do this & reach a wider audience to showcase the great work done by the RSPCA.

My Specialisms at work Include being a Tutor Inspector, Puppy trade Officer & Performing Animals Advisor.

I also Specialise in large Multi Animal investigations & those investigations that are Complex in Nature Involving usually Organised Crime.

These Investigations tend to involve other organisations like the Police & Local authority, i’m a believer in Multi Agency Working to get the Best Results for both the Animals and Sometimes people namely children.