Hollie is a senior associate in Mercer’s Wealth business. She is recognised as a strong, talented team member who inspires her colleagues — she has a contagious passion for what she does.

Hollie is a role model to juniors and peers alike in terms of embracing change and being a positive force. She builds strong client relationships very quickly and champions colleagues at all levels. She also demonstrates emotional intelligence and supports her female colleagues as they return from maternity leave. Hollie is a great mentor to her junior female colleagues, helping them build confidence and manage the challenges of working in a male-dominated environment. As an example, she organised two “ask me anything” sessions with an equal gender panel; in the first, juniors asked questions of senior colleagues and in the second, senior colleagues quizzed juniors, reverse mentoring style.

Hollie constantly looks for ways to develop herself and gets involved in various projects outside of her role, always going above and beyond. For example, she recently took a lead role in the re-design a graduate programme demonstrating her ability and understanding of the business and the changing needs of our clients and future talent.

Hollie interacts well with senior leaders and projects a high level of presence and confidence. She recently pitched a new innovative solution to the leadership which Mercer is developing and has already contributed to improve one of Mercer’s existing solutions. A member of the leadership team has also requested reverse mentoring sessions with Hollie.

Hollie is a great asset to Mercer. She is inspiring, driven and passionate about helping her colleagues succeed and realise their full potential. Hollie is running the Manchester 10k in May for cancer research. She is also on the Cherie Blair Foundation Mentoring Women in business programme where she uses her skills to help mentor women in other countries.