Holly Miles

I am an Associate Solicitor at an insurance and risk specialist firm.

My role is to have conduct of a variety of high value occupational disease claims for a range of commercial and insurer clients as well as to lead a team of handlers. I am responsible for supervision of their day to day work as well as managing performance, progress and development.

I am an EDI Ambassador at BLM. I have set up a Gender Inclusion network at BLM which is in its infancy as a network but aims to bring together multiple initiatives that I work on already in Women’s rights, Domestic Abuse awareness and Working Families. The network aims to increase inclusion to employees of all genders and highlight gender specific issues and debunk stereotypes as well as influence policy change to ensure gender equality. I also support and collaborate with LGBTQ+ and multicultural awareness networks. I sit on the steering group for The Insurance Working Families Network (a sister network to I:CAN) and share experiences and best practice of flexible working and family friendly policies which has been particularly important over the Covid19 pandemic. I feed these back in to my employer to lead change wherever possible for the benefit of colleagues. I liaise with client’s and have held meetings to discuss EDI policies and share ideas. I have taken part in and am a strong advocate of our reverse mentoring programme which mentors senior management on EDI issues.

I have worked at BLM since 2017, but have been a qualified solicitor since 2011. Prior to becoming a solicitor I worked for Thames Valley Police in Witness Care with a focus on domestic violence victims and this has continued to be an important issue for me ever since, continuing to work with local charities fundraising and creating awareness of campaigns. These relationships led to BLM becoming a member of Employers Initiative on Domestic Abuse and I am in planning stages of a training programme internally to create further awareness and signpost support services across the organisation.