Hosanna Hali

Hosanna graduated from Cardiff University with an undergraduate degree in Business Management in 2016 and a Master’s Degree is Computing and IT Management in 2018.

Hosanna started her career at Microsoft in September 2018 as a Technology Strategist in the Public Safety and National Security industry. Her role as a Technology Strategist was to be the digital CTO and trusted advisor for her customers by supporting them with the planning and execution of their digital strategy, she led the implementation of Microsoft technologies across 16 enterprise customers by orchestrating technical virtual teams across each product area of Microsoft to drive consumption of products and revenue.

In December 2020, Hosanna was offered and accepted to role of Azure Specialist in the Education space. She is now the product lead for Azure services across education customers and she supports them with their journey to the cloud and their adoption of Azure services.

Hosanna has participated in many activities to champion diversity and inclusion and empowers young women to believe that they can also begin a career technology. Hosanna has keynoted at events run by organisations like Coders of Colour and Color in Tech to speak about her experience and share knowledge with young people from her community.

Hosanna has also recently started her own platform called The Tech Cornr which she uses to give advice to women about how to start a career in Tech.