Ian Clarke

A successful, multi-award winning Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Author and Social Justice campaigner, London-born, racially non-binary and LGBT, Ian Clarke, 36, has been recognized by Rising Stars, Social Entrepreneur and Millennium volunteers as a leading mind globally on human rights, the value of human differences and the costs of oppression.

A 9-times chartered and certified Psychologist, Therapist, Management, D&I practitioner and Investment Banker, with 15 years’ experience advising the world’s top companies across 2 continents, the authority of Ian voice comes from extraordinary life experiences, complex intersectionality and his ability to represent anyone by listening and then projecting empathy.

In 2021, his lifelong work to advance sustainable business practices globally culminated in his 45-page report he dubbed Project Speak Up, cataloguing the causes, costs and solutions of oppression in global financial services. Ian single-handedly delivered the change that led to the first black appointments in history to the board of Europe’s largest bank, and the first black female appointment to any European banking board in history. He now manages Deilight Consulting, a multi-award-winning Culture Transformation practice working at the forefront of boosting representation for marginalized communities everywhere.