Ifewumi Fagunwa

As the daughter of Nigerian parents, who is blessed to have much certainty in her life, Ifewumi grew up in a household where she was empowered during her girlhood and womanhood to always have a voice, to be seen, to have choices.

Wumi has been committed to using her voice, privilege and power to help women have the same privilege and power, to be heard.

Ifewumi recently graduated from University College London Medical School (Class of Corona) and has been working as a junior doctor during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has a long-standing interest in health care policy and a particular interest in women’s rights, sexual health and psychosexual health. She has extensive experience working with a multitude of health care and sexual health organisations including Cancer Research UK and the Family Planning Association in the UK.

In 2019, her final year of medical school Ifewumi founded, The SHAKE Africa Project (aka SHAKE Africa)SHAKE Africa uses innovative ventures to educate and empower young people in Nigeria and the African Diaspora on issues surrounding their sexual and reproductive health.

As a keen advocate for sexual and reproductive health rights and actively campaigns against gender-based violence and FGM, in 2020, Ifewumi joined the young women’s advisory council for Forward:UK – the leading African women-led organisation working to end violence against women and girls.

Having previously volunteered volunteered for Sexpression:UK as a near-peer sex educator and later became their regional representative for the Midlands and Northern Ireland, in January 2021 she was appointed as a Trustee for Sexpression:UK. She has also volunteered with Education for Choice, teaching young people at inner city schools about contraception and abortion care.