Inbar is an energetic, entrepreneurial individual. Inbar started her career when she was 18 in the Intelligence force of the IDF as a data analyst where she led teams, the development of new products and the training of 17 new recruiters as a commander. Following that Inbar held several products and high budget technological project management roles, she was in charge of finding solutions to complex technological challenges as well as making sure that projects are done on time, teams are working in collaborations and that clients are happy with the results. At only 24 Inbar joined Deloitte in 2015 leading the Israeli startup’s team. During her tenure, there Inbar built several business platforms to connect Israeli startups with Deloitte’s global clients, focusing on engaging and creating value to entrepreneurs she worked with, Investors and corporate clients. Later Inbar relocated to the UK and joined Deloitte’s European Fintech team where she is working on widening Deloitte’s reach and Impact in the different European ecosystems. Inbar is constantly meeting investors and startup founders across Europe to develop more ways for Deloitte to increase the level of innovation in large organizations.