Australian born and raised, I relocated to London in 2015 to find myself at somewhat of a loss in terms of where I stood on the job scene. Having previously worked in a range of government agencies in policy and strategy roles, I had a typically “generalist” look to my CV and found it difficult to clearly pitch myself in any one industry. To add to the confusion, London seemed like a place where you could easily get lost in the minefield of possibilities that the city offers! I had limited exposure to the insurance industry in Australia but when saw an opportunity for an Executive role in the International Regulatory Affairs team at Lloyd’s, I saw a unique opportunity that appealed to both my legal background and experience in government and regulation. Since joining Lloyd’s, my eyes have been opened to the truly unique nature of the work that the insurance industry presents which has spurred an ambition to expand my expertise and positively contribute to the reputation of the sector.

During my time at Lloyd’s, I have had the opportunity to work closely with divisions across Corporation and with the Lloyd’s market, and have enjoyed being challenged in many aspects of my role. I am extremely honored to have been nominated for this award and look forward to continuing to promote the industry as I develop in my career.