Ivana Skerlikova

A passionate green advocate who actively promotes new talents and mental wellbeing, and fosters a diverse IT workplace.

Moving from a small town in Slovakia, into a big London world can be scary. But once you get out of your comfort zone, great things may happen. For me, it was to follow my passion to study Psychology. Once entering the workplace, I did not want to only ‘’do a good job’’, I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and so in my spare time I launched a number of initiatives.

Helping our talents to accelerate their career

Atos X is an annual ‘’TED style’’ speaking competition I started in 2016 where the top 10 UK young talents (graduates/apprentices) will work with mentors from the leadership team to develop their presenting skills and create inspiring talks. Over 10,000 employees watched Atos X talks since 2016 (the most popular non-mandatory learning intervention in the UK).  At the same time, our Atos X finalists will have an opportunity to accelerate their professional career, getting new job offers on the back of the competition. This year the competition is expanding to Germany and Netherlands.

Reducing carbon footprint to protect our planet

I recently launched Atos Green Network – a community that aims is to connect like-minded individuals, raise environmental awareness and reduce carbon footprint. We are planting trees for each new member and in 4 weeks we have more than 700 employees (with this speed we will plant thousands of trees later this year!). The plan is to transform our offices, data centres and operations for greener and more sustainable, and assist our clients on the same journey. Also, to educate employees (create a personal footprint calculator) and volunteer in nature reserves and parks to actively protect our environment.

Fostering diversity to create a more inclusive workplace

When Gender Pay Gap was introduced, I felt that the scope was too narrow and we surely need to look at other diversity and inclusion aspects. With a help of volunteers, I started a data analysis initiative to understand our BAME (Black, Asian and Ethnic Minorities) employee data and identify any gaps in talent development, management and recruitment. Thanks to this intervention, various measures were put forward (e.g. BAME mentoring) to ensure we support and grow our diverse community.

Reducing re-offending and fostering mental health

In my spare time I support ANTZ charity by mentoring prison inmates in London and also volunteer as a Mental Health 1st Aider to support fellow colleagues who are going through a difficult time. At work, I recently moved into Health and Life Science department where I focus on projects that can help to transform our hospitals and that support drug research, so we can prevent or better handle situations as the corona outbreak.