I am a single mother of one exceptionally talented adult child. I decided to be a lawyer when I was about eight years old after toying with the idea of being world leader and sorting out all global ills, being a nun because I went to a convent school and an air hostess because I thought this was an inexpensive way to see the world.

Despite being a teenage mum, I attained my ambition with the support of exceptional parents.

I came to the UK as an international student and stayed because of a relationship and to pursue my legal career. I had the option to return to a well established network but chose to stay here and establish my practice under my own steam not under the patronage of my father and our connections.

I begun as a criminal defence barrister then stumbled upon human rights and did not look back. The work is rewarding when you get the right result for your clients, devastating when the wrong decision is made but nonetheless provides motivation to fight for those who still require international protection and upholding of their human rights.

I am both a barrister and a solicitor, I currently practice as a solicitor

and have done so since 2006 when I became self employed. This gives me the independence I require to be involved in grassroots community and international development.

I am a leadership development trainer and an equalities, diversity and inclusion expert working with the largest public sector employer the NHS

I am passionate about youth leadership development and have developed a unique holistic programme that focuses on career, life and citizenship skills.

The common theme in all my roles is use of my voice for transformative change, upholding rights and empowering individuals.